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Why Established Companies and New Businesses use the services of Slobin & Slobin, P.C.:

Established Companies:

The attorneys at Slobin & Slobin are experienced commercial real estate and business lawyers who preserve and protect your business and your individual needs. We provide in-house counseling to legal departments and mature companies at just a portion of the costs of employing full time attorneys or large outside law firms.

Startups and New Businesses:

We are ready to help you start your business. Planning is an essential component to successfully starting, creating and maintaining your business. Choosing an entity is one of the first, and most important planning decisions to be made when starting your business. Entity formation can help protect you from being personally liable for the debts of your business. We will provide you with crucial guidance in choosing the business entity that is right for your business, and we will draft the operating agreement that will provide a “roadmap” for the structure of your business.

Whether you are just starting your business, or you have an ongoing business, we can provide you with the legal advice you need to help you succeed. From leases to various types of business contracts, we will guide you through understanding what each contract means, how each contract affects you, and the repurcussions of each contract on your business.

Our boutique commercial real estate and business law firm is small enough to provide you with consistent, hands-on service, and we have a foundation of over 60 years of combined legal experience to draw upon in providing you with sound, intelligent and accurate legal advice.